POL-OS is a BOSS RUSH where YOU will help Max, the rookiest intergalactic patrolman from the FPI, to stop (or not) the OFFENDERS that are causing the slow destruction of the planet Elementos.

Don't be shy and say hello to Max


The planet Elementos is in serious problems. Everyday conflicts and problems are caused by very bad people... by OFFENDERS. If this won't stop, all life on the planet will be extinguished!!!



Is the offender causing too much damage? Lower their HEALTH so their DAMAGE AMOUNT would decrease as well.

Is the offender too fast? Then lower their STAMINA to decrease their SPEED, to take more time to PREPARE ATTACKS and to need more time to REST after attacking.


Once YOU and Max defeat an offender it’s time to judge them:


  • You can set them free.

  • Send them to jail.

  • Incapacitate them.

Be careful! Some of them will try to bribe you with money or special items. 


Each judgment you make will affect the destiny of the planet Elementos as well the future offenders to confront with.


He’s the rookiest intergalactic policeman, so his perception of justice and his personality will also change based on the judgments you two make. 


Each personality will give him access to different features in battle.


POL-OS is an Operating System so it has awesome apps which will help with the mission.


Buy new weapons or update the ones Max has to reduce the offender's HEALTH & STAMINA.



Increase Max's overall health or buy 1st aid kits or enhancers (some of them cause secondary effects) that he can use in battle.


Get suits to give Max some advantages when fighting.

That’s right, we don’t call them bosses in this game :P

Several to fight with and each of them with a distinct AGE, BODY TYPE and, PERSONALITY, so each battle will be different and challenging!!!

© 2019 Angel González Muro

Aguascalientes, México

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