Welcome to Elementos!

Home of many types of living beings. From humans to aliens, living dead, sand monsters, humanoid amphibians, robots, ninja dogs, and so on, live in the planet.

However, every day a lot of conflicts happen around the world caused by bad people. If this doesn't stop, ALL life on the planet will be extinguished!


The Federation of Planetary Protection has decided to help by sending Max, their rookiest intergalactic patrolman.

(Don't be shy and say hello to Max!)

As a Chief of Intergalactic Decisions YOU have to:

1. CHOOSE an OFFENDER. (We don't call them bosses in this game :P)

2. FIGHT the offender with Max's help.

3. DEFEAT them.

4. JUDGE them based on the damage they are causing to the other inhabitants and the planet.

Once an offender is defeated, you and Max can:


- Set them FREE.

- Put them on JAIL.

- INCAPACITATE and send them to the hospital.

Be careful, some OFFENDERS will try to BRIBE you with money or special items!

Every JUDGMENT will affect the fate of the inhabitants and the planet as well the future OFFENDERS to confront, so keep that in mind.


Fighting against offenders is not an easy task since all of them have:

A PERSONALITY which indicates how they will behave in battle.

An AGE + BODY COMPLEXION which delimits their HEALTH and STAMINA.

HEALTH defines the TOTAL AMOUNT OF HEALTH and how many DAMAGE they can cause.

Equip Max with different spatial suits to give him some advantages in battle.

Use enhancers to momentarily increase Max's melee or distance attacks, or his health.

(Some of them have secondary effects, so be careful!)

Remember, Max is a rookie patrolman, so his PERSONALITY might change depending on the JUDGMENTS you two have made.


Each PERSONALITY will give access to different skills, equipment, suits, enhancers, etc.

STAMINA defines their movement SPEED, the TIME they need to PREPARE an ATTACK and the REST TIME they take after attacking

Are we going to be the saviors of the planet Elementos and their inhabitants or are we going to accelerate their extinction?

© 2019 Angel González Muro

Aguascalientes, México

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